Heavy-Duty Towing in Dublin Virginia

24 Hour Truck Repair

C.D. Hubbard Equipment & Service offers fast and friendly 24-hour emergency truck repair and roadside assistance.

Trailer Repair

We repair and maintenance Trailers in Houston Texas.  From Liftgates to tires we can help you with Trailer Repairs.

Tire Repair / Replaced

We carry most popular sizes, and brand tires in stock for repairs or replacement.  Call Today.

Aluminum Welding

We provide all types of welding services to make repairs on your vehicle or trailer. 

Heavy-Duty Towing

We offer fast, and friendly 24-hour emergency heavy-duty towing, and roadside assistance.

DPF Cleaning / Regen

It’s important to have regular DPF Cleaning / Regen, because carbon build up can drastically effect engine performance.

Frame / Chassis

Have repairs you need to make to your chassis.  Our techs can handle most repairs to the chassis and frame.

Computer Diagnostics

We use dealer grade diagnostics equipment to properly diagnose your vehicles repairs, and maintenance needs.

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